Learn the most Effective Self-Defense System Available!!!

Shaolin American Kempo Karate Kung-Fu & Jiu-Jitsu....The ORIGINAL Mixed Martial Arts

The Martial Arts were originally aimed towards Life Preservation, BUT today people come from all walks of life and ages each with their own set of reasons, some for Self Defense, Lose Fat or become Incredibly Fit!!!

And our Combat Fitness & Martial Arts will do just that...Guaranteed!!!!

  • Forget the "Gym"  body and get an "Athletic" body
  • Learn Jiu-Jitsu, Karate and Kung-Fu
  • Learn all the 4 ways of Fighting
  • Burn off Fat within days
  • Look Younger
  • Learn Pressure Points that can drop an attacker with JUST one blow.
  • Burn up to 800 Calories in 1 hour
  • Learn how to train like the Animals
  • Triple your Strength, Endurance and Flexibility ALL at the same time!!!
  • Live Longer
  • Lose inches of your waist in days.
  • Learn fitness secrets long forgotten
  • Get an Olympic style workout
  • Get a muscular body carved in stone...GUARANTEED!!!

 GM Jim Brassard  
Honorary Doctorates of Martial Arts Philosophy / Doctorates of Martial Arts Science / Soke /Grandmaster & 10thDegree Black Belt / TV Show Producer & Host / International Author / Multiple Martial Arts Hall of Fame Recipient




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